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Treat yourself to a delicious moment of relaxation in lush greenery at La Petite Auberge de Die ...

With my husband, Eric, we attach particular importance to the well-being of our guests. Before starting with him in our hotel project, I was a dancer and a Pilates teacher. From these experiences, I became convinced that to be well in your head, you must definitely take care of your body. Today, I provide body care with organic vegetable oils to help you achieve a better life. During your stay at or visit to the La Petite Auberge, I will therefore be happy to enable you to enjoy the benefits of a good massage which I will adapt to your needs of the moment (relaxation, sports recovery, back from hiking, relaxation of stress, energy circulation...).

Non-therapeutic massages and treatments but real allies to enhance your stay.

Choose to join us during a "well-being" stay or why not during a conference during a Weekend "At the heart of the senses" to teach you how to take better care of your body.

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The essentials

à partir de 30€

Massage with vegetable oil which is practiced on table.

Combines the gentle, relaxing, all-encompassing Californian technique and the more precise and deep Swedish technique to completely release all tensions. By promoting a better circulation of energy and all the fluids, it allows relaxation,...

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Maternity essentials

à partir de 30€

Essential massage dedicated to pregnant women. (with medical agreement)

Moments dedicated to the sweetness and relaxation for a serene pregnancy and in the best conditions. Gentle and relaxing massage using the Californian technique.

It takes place in 3 steps: extended on one side the upper leg and...

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à partir de 45€


This technique uses vibrations, mobilizations and gentle stretching for immediate physical 

and mental relaxation!

One leg after another before reuniting the two; one arm then the other and both, not to mention the extremities of the body: feet / hands / head. Vibrations and stretching...

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The Sportsman

à partir de 15€


This personalized massage can be targeted or general.
It combines different techniques:

  • large movements (to heat and relax)
  • palping / rolling for a draining effect
  • In precision and depth to untie knots and tensions
  • Convenient

table massage
with oils


Deep massage to relax muscles, reduce...

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The Amma sitting

à partir de 10€

Massage technique often performed in companies, it focuses mainly on the upper back, shoulders and neck. This massage offers a great relaxation in a short time


It uses pressure techniques with the palms, fingers and forearms.


On a chair
the whole upper body
can be performed anywhere:...

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Massages schedule

from Monday to Saturday by appointment